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Vote Jef Fincher for the Georgia State House of Representatives
- 97th district -

About Georgia House of Representatives District 97

The district is comprised of roughly 29,000 voters in 13 precincts that are located in Sugar Hill, Suwanee and Duluth. If you vote in any of the following precincts, then you have a voice in the outcome of the Republican primary on Tuesday May 20th, 2014 for State House 97.

  • Precinct 111
  • Precinct 56
  • Precinct 7
  • Precinct 96
  • Precinct 155
  • Precinct 97
  • Precinct 106
  • Precinct 96
  • Precinct 138
  • Precinct 105
  • Precinct 140
  • Precinct 4
  • Precinct 100
  • Precinct 24
  • Precinct 105
  • Precinct 131

If you are new to the process of Primaries it is important to understand that this is the process that yields the Republican Party nominee for the General election held in November 2014. The primary serves as the opportunity for candidates that have not held office before to fill the empty seat of a retiring elected official or challenge the incumbent that currently holds the office. So if you have not voted in the primary in the past and you want to participate in the process of selecting the Republican nominee, then the Primary is your chance to vote for change. You do not have to belong to the Republican Party to vote on May 20th and it does not mean you cannot vote differently if there is a runoff.

If you want to retain the incumbent then you vote for the incumbent if you want new people adding to the political decisions of your community then I humbly ask for your vote.